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Celebrating Chanukah


begins Wednesday, December 13th, 2018

through Wednesday, December 20th, 2018

Come join us Shabbat, December 16th, during Worship Service at 10:30 am. Please bring your Chanukkiah and Candles.
We will have a Special teaching on Chanukah!!

Although not one of the Holy Convocations that ADONAI designated as a designated time to celebrate (see Leviticus 23), the Festival of Chanukah has been celebrated since 165 BCE when the Hasmonean family liberated Israel from Syrian-Greeks and rededicated the Temple after desecration by Antiochus, the Syrian king.

It is recorded in the Talmud that at the time of rededication there was only enough holy oil to burn in the Temple for one day. Miraculously the oil burned for eight days until more could be prepared. Hence the eight days of Chanukah!

We know that Chanukah, also called the Feast of Dedication, was celebrated in the time of Yeshua because it is recorded in the book of John, chapter 10 verse 22, that when Chanukah came, Yeshua was walking around inside the Temple area and the Jews were asking him to plainly tell them if he was the Messiah or not. Yeshua told them, “I and the Father are one.”